:doh: Well I supposed it had to happen, yet another convert from DVDRextreme to the CD freaks forum…
As a newbie to this forum and my first thread, I would like to ask the intelligent ones of you out, and which probably now appears to be a stupid question? Is this CPRx technology thingy which LGsoftware uses in their 1ClickDVD Copy programs only unique to them, and if so, do you think that Slysoft will eventually react with an update of their own with something similar to combat their loss in sales which I think will inevitably happen?? After all, there is now no reason for people to purchase their product (AnyDVD)… unless you own CloneDVD2 or Copying software that does not contain CPRx. I for one will continue to use AnyDVD as I have previously stated in threads within the other forum. I would be interested for your comments on this subject… :cool:

small post with A BIG QUESTION… yes the cprx is a new chapter belonging to LG and is currently only running in 1click / pro i dont think it will be upto slysoft to fetch an update out on this one if it is proven not to work with 1click as this problem will be down to LG to re-author around this problem … alan1476 as been testing this hard but he is unable to get anyfeedback as of yet as you know the forum is down but im sure this will be brought to attention asap, unless he has contacted support via email…???

i am like many others and have more than one dvd program on my puter i currently have about 8 and i know dvd43 doesnt work with all these, i use certian programs for different aspects / things…but i do have both decrypters at my disposal :bigsmile:

Homer I would love to answer this but all my intellegence has been depleated over the past 3-4 weeks trying to figure out what is going on with the software and the forum… :confused: :confused: :confused:

I think intelligence is in short supply at the moment, or should I say common sense?.. Anyway thanks for your replys. Always helpful as ever.:disagree: :iagree:

Homer in regards to the old hamster (4hams) it is in very short supply as many have probably realized long ago!!! LOL


another 1clicker joins us :bigsmile:

you will probably find that over here there is no improvement in being sensible… we are all still as mad as ever :doh: :eek: :eek:

Why would Slysoft do anything different than they already have? They have great products at great prices that do exactly as they should and update as often as needed. I really don’t think sells will fall at all. Even with the dual purchase of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, they are still cheaper than 1Click Pro alone. In short, I think Slysoft will do just fine.

I think that trying this CPRx in 1Click and suggesting that new purchasers use DVD43 with it was an attempt to possibly contend against AnyDVD and CloneDVD, Slysoft. AnyDVD has made 1Click perform so well, so why else would Gregory try to push DVD43 and squeeze out AnyDVD.?

Dvd43 reccomended becuase it`s free and with the newer version it seems to be more stable then the older version. I still think that it can be buggy on some systems just not as bad as earlier versions. AnyDvd is made by SlySoft and CloneDvd2 is made by Elby.

[B][U]MBK[/U][/B]… (Good Morning 10.18am)… I have to agree with you there, my point entirely. :iagree:

Business sense probably would be the answer.

Think about it

someone gets the trial version of 1click (which will cost $59 when they decide to buy) but they are advised to but AnyDVD from slysofts site (another $39) but whilst over there they see CloneDVD2 and can see that they get both AnyDVD and CloneDVD for the combined price of $59, then they are likely to buy the slysoft bundle…LG lose out on sales so that is the most likely answer… nothing to do with the fact that they think that DVD43 is a better decrypter.

That’s my exact sentiment. :iagree: :cool: :wink:

MBK and Bubbles19 have put their fingers precisely on the issue.

i have both of this programs, 1clickdvd(not pro) and clonedvd2. i only do main movie only and since i consider 1clickdvd’s ripping(not to be confused with decrypting, which 1click is not) capabilities the best there is, i use it most of the times. i rarely use clonedvd2, i’m not quite convince its picture quality when large amount of compression is to be applied. by the way. there are not better transcoders than shrink and recode2 when speaking of large amount of compression. when doing main movie only, 1clickdvd does a great job, so it is my software of choice most of the times,.

Sorry but some of the titles listed for the CPRx “feature” Narnia for sure!, are CPPM ones, which will react with a CPRM compatible/equiped pc drive, Narnia can be normal ripped,
as long your drive is not CPRM compatible, see my “CPRM (or not) drive” thread…

What do you mean about Narnia cannot be ripped with a cprm drive? I copied Narnia and my drive is CPRM. I looked at your thread and checked my drive with Nero info and the cprm was checked. So I guess I am not sure what you mean.

Maybe it means he should try AnyDVD ? :bigsmile:

Shannon90210…Good thing you you did’nt mention that AnyDVD word on the other forum? you would be De-moderated…(shame on you) [B] only kidding[/B]!! :cop:

No, because SlySoft has the very best “CPRx technology” since years: AnyDVD. :wink:
As a matter of fact - they invented it, and they are the leaders in reauthoring and breaking copy protections.
And AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 are still much cheaper than 1-click pro, and IMHO better (no product activation required, splitting possible, etc.)
And quite honestly, I doubt LG innovations will keep this CPRx technology in their products very long. Macrovision won’t like it. Sony won’t like it. Two very powerful enimies to have.