Cprx Technology

i am using the dvd fab software and trying to decide if this is the one i want to buy. lg software say thay have cprx technology which alows them to copy more movies than other software. i have had very little trouble copying movies so far, and i like dvd fab a lot. could someone enlighten me on this technology or is it just something lg uses as a tool to attract buyers

Did you try to Google it? I’d give it a shot. Otherwise I’d go with Fab personally. There isn’t a movie out there at the moment that it can’t eat up and spit out, LOL. And when it has had a problem, Fengtao is all over it. So, as you can see, I’m alittle bias, LOL. And welcome to the club. ~ Mike

One thing you have to look at and that is how soon they update their software, I also have LG Software but I use DVDFab because they update a lot faster than LG does, most of the time FAB updates a week ahead of LG plus you have to pay LG every two years I think or it might be once a year. Where DVDFAB is good for life :bigsmile:

Agreed with that. Haven’t had a problem with Fab yet, and the updates are very regular :slight_smile:

CPRX is written into the program to allow LG users to use the free decrypter DVD43; as a user of both 1Click Ver5 and Pro I select do not use cprx in settings and use AnyDVD for my decrypter and the LG products work great.

With the components within Fab Plat, I think if I were to choose today, I would go with Fab over LG.

If Fab Plat, ever gets around to being able to adjust compression on individual titlesets, I will purchase it immediately. With One ClickPro, deleting titlesets, always creates problems when AnyDvd setting jump to Title Menu or jump to movie doesn’t work. At least for me it creates play back problems on several of my standalone players. That happens on about every other title that comes out. At least I know that if AnyDvd’s settings don’t work with the original DVD5 in the playback on the ROM drive, the backup will not play well. So I don’t use it on those titles and don’t get coasters.

thanks all i am starting to understand more about all the dycryption options, and i think dvd fab is the one for me

Good for you John as I am sure you will be very happy with DVDFAB just like the rest of us are and you have so many options with FAB that you don’t with the other programs. And once again welcome to the forum

Not a LG user, but I can vouch for the above. I tried AnyDVD, DVD Decrypter, the click program and so on and so on…I’ve been around the block and I can speak from personal experience that DVDFab gets the job done with fewer issues then anything else out there. The updates are out faster then even it’s major competitor, being Slysoft’s AnyDVD.

Ditto for me as I also have several other programs but don’t use them as FAB is way much better in all respects
Jim :bigsmile: