CPRx is it Necessary?

What up peeps! I just had a quick question. I just upgraded to the newest 1Click DVD Copy and when i clicked F2 to check the registration to make sure everything is still ok it prompt me for either keeping CPRx enabled or disabling it. I didn’t know what it was so i just said disable it. I guess i should have done research first, but after reading i understand the purpose of having it, but i guess i was wondering if it is necessary to have enabled at all times? and how the heck do you re enable it? i couldn’t find it in the options or anything, but maybe i am doing something wrong. Please let me know what you think!

If you are using AnyDVD ,
I would use AnyDVD as you always have .

In most cases ,
AnyDVD will handle any ‘bad sector protection’ removal
on it’s own -
without the CPRx enabled .

In some cases using ‘both’ might cause undesirable results .
In some cases using ‘both’ together - produce more desirable results

It’s going to take some trial and error to learn exactly :
When it’s better on …When it’s better off
( using CPRx with AnyDVD ) … because every “Title” is a little different .

I couldn’t even give you a specific instance , as of yet ,
where I found a definitive conflict between the two , but theoretically it’s possible .

With “When a Stranger Calls” - I found a slightly better back-up with CPRx enabled;
Although the AnyDVD alone version did well also .

CPRx is mainly to benefit those who use the newly updated DVD43
DVD43 no longer tries to handle any ‘bad sector’ protections ;
This falls on 1Click now - hence CPRx
If your using DVD43 - You must enable the CPRx

If your using AnyDVD , you have two options …CPRx=On or CPRx=Off


>>>> Open 1Click >> F3 > Enable / Disable :wink:

Shannon Thanx for the great reply!! As always!! I too was part of our old community DVDRextreme Forum, but it took me a while to find you guys :iagree: we could always count on people like you and 4hams, Alexia, Bigboard, Bubbles, Alan, etc. and any forum moderator or senior member i missed!!! Keep up the good work, Thanx again for the quick and verry well explained post!!! :clap:

We’re still around …they did somewhat abruptly move the forum
DVDRextreme now = http://forum.lgsoftwareinnovations.com/index.php

Also , Bookmark this site KT has currently under construction :cool: