Relatively new to the forum, so apologies if this post is in the wrong place.

A couple of questions to the forum.

How can I tell/identify if a DVD has been written with a CPRM key?

Can I create a CPRM disc via my pc?



Just to add some more information

I need to test a CPRM disc on a GSA-H44N drive. Operating systems to be tested on are XP & Vista. Burning software available Nero, Roxio and the usual Windows.

Any Help on how to burn / identify a CPRM disc would be much appreciated.

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You already read the sticky and the linked thread?

Thanks Kalas.

I read through the thread and although I found out how to identify a CPRM disc using Plextools. I could not find out how to create a CPRM disc via the PC.
I have burnt discs on the GSA H44N drive (which has the CPRM checked in Nero info tool) but they are not showing as a CPRM disc.

Anyone know how to create a CPRM disc with the GSA H44N drive?