CPRM Protection


I am trying to copy mapping software for my GPS. I live in a area where 2 map cards cover my area. I want to copy both cards to 1 larger one. The cards will copy, but the copies will not work unless reinstalled on the original SD card. I know this must be some sort of CPRM protection, and I have read on this forum that it can be defeated. I cant even make a working backup of my softwares. The cards are Lowrance Fishing Hot Spots Maps. The documentation says to make a B/U, but when I called to ask how the rep said only a B/U for the original card (a lot of good that does if something happens to my cards or GPS unit).
Anyway, If someone would give me some help it would be greatly appreciated
I have posted this on the copy protection forum also
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when the data is recorded on an SD memory card it is encrypted with CPRM, SD memory card encryption. It is set up so the encryption cannot be broken.

“[I]This protection is enhanced in the SD Memory Card through the use of key revocation technology that is built into the card. The card’s control circuitry allows data to be read and written, in its protection area only when appropriate external devices are detected.[/I]”

I also read somewhere that a new buyer of an SD license gets a “facsimile code” from 4C, which I suggest may be connected to the device identification.

I still am searching for any successful past attempts to simulate the device/card authorization and get access to protected files…

It’s all I know so far.

I’m very interested in this also. There seems to be very little information about this on the net, unlike dozens of other protection schemes.
In this thread, I have a very expensive application that is “tied” to an SD card.
It’s Picsel Browser for Zaurus
The makers of this card discontinued making these last October, (2006)
If this card ever gets lost or stolen, there isn’t any way to replace it.

I am also very interested in this. I have Fishing hot spots pro, and want to transfer the lake maps to a larger card so that I have room for my MP3 music. The Fishing hotspots pro card only has about enough extra space for one album. I have used the LEI site support asking for help 3 times on this subject, I get no responce. I am thinking I should return the GPS and card. The main reason I bought the GPS I did (Iway 250C) was because I could use it as an MP3 player as well as road / lake maps.