Cox and Thier Anti-Piracy Deal

ok, for the first time ever, i got my internet turned off saying to delete a copyrighted file and then we will turn your internet back on, so i dont want this to happen again, i need help figuring out how i can keep using bitcomet to download files without cox sneaking into my computer and finding it.

Also i had the file in a folder that doesnt share and they still found it in my personal files. It was Invictus movie.

Does anyone know how to set the settings so they cant get into my computer again? thanks.

I get the feeling you don’t really understand how Cox is detecting your illegal downloads. They don’t go into your computer and snoop around. When you download over a peer to peer network, you are sharing bits of the files with other downloaders. All of the IP addresses of the various file sharers can be found while this is going on. Cox can monitor this activity, and any other activity that goes on over their service.

The copyright holders must have put in a complaint to Cox, notifying them of this specific P2P download. You were one of the file sharers, and so your activities on the Cox network earned you a cease and desist order.

There is no certain method to hide your activities on a P2P download. Not from your ISP.

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i understand that they can see the files im downloading but i have had this file on my computer for 2 weeks and i took it completly away from bitcommet and stuck it in my personal files, and then they found it in there…how did they know that i had it still? and then how did they know that i deleted it from my personal files???

I don’t believe they went into your computer. They undoubtedly went by the evidence in their logs that showed you had downloaded the material. They assumed you still had it if you were not still seeding the torrent.

You should post the notice sent to you, (redact any personal information first).

What has likely happened is that an anti-piracy company detected the file at the time you were downloading it (much like a speed camera while speeding) and sent a complaint to your ISP. Even though you were no longer sharing the file, your ISP is not the one who detected this, so when they received the letter, this led them to believe that you are still sharing it even though your are not and thus took action.

Basically, what you need to do is tell your ISP that you have deleted this and your Internet connection should be restored. Your ISP will not check if you’re still sharing it. However, that anti-piracy organisation may still be watching your IP address (or the IP address you had at the time if it’s dynamic), so you will need to extra careful when using BitTorrent or file sharing software.

I would also suggest running PeerBlock (freeware utility) on your PC anytime you use file sharing software. While this will not make it safe to illegally download films, music, etc., it will at least significantly reduce the number of anti-piracy organisation hosts spying on your transfers and also reduce the likelihood of false positives and connecting to bandwidth wasters.