Cowabunga amazing deal on Logitech Z-5500

My PC has an old pair of amplified Sony speakers on it. I just bought a Samsung T260HD monitor on Black Friday that has a TV tuner in it and an optical out. To get full sound capability out of my PC and the TV I figured it was time to get a home theater setup for my PC. I did a lot of research and a guy on a home theater forum I am on suggested the Logitech Z-5500.

I looked around and it seemed the best price was Newegg for $350. Never being satisfied, I did some more research and found a site called Bountii that I had never heard of, but they are just an affiliate system of some sort as the link led to Tiger Direct.

The price at Tiger Direct was $280??? :iagree: I even called the Tiger 800 line and they were flabbergasted. I ordered one before it was discovered that the price was goofed up…like a refurb price for new or some such screwup.

I don’t care… I have on on order and am debating buying another 10 to resell.

Even if you don’t want one, buy one :slight_smile: :clap: