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m00000, Our cows are doing great, we are still going up in the rankings. Our best 10 overall members are now:

1 steve.mccourt@uchsc.edu
2 [CD Freaks] ReDFoX [CD Freaks]
3 sheep

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yeah MoOoOoOoOoO, Get your COW today

btw one thing I heard and is a big misunderstanding

MODEM users CAN help too, NO need to be online the whole time, maybe some more of you thought that you had to be connected the whole time but this is not true people, even if you only connect once in a month you still help by submitting all the work you did ofline


That’s a good point Redneck. I myself have tha COW running on two pc’s of which only ONE is connected the internet. I always upload my work at the end of the day, so this way I only have to connect to the internet once a day.

The upload only takes a few seconds, so comeone people. Get a COW!


Comeone people, get a cow and

BURN some KEY’s !!!


I could help more, if I could be able to get my COW working at work! The only problem is the firewall. All I need to do is provide a login/pass before I reach the internet. Unfortunately, this software doesn’t support this feature. If anyone could help me find a way to get connected through our proxy…please let me know!


Mr Lova;

I’ve had the same problem. At work the COW didn’t function, but at home it worked fine, so I did this:

Get a fresh buff-in.rc5 from the keyserver using your home pc. Copy this buff-in to a floppydisc. Now let your COW at home get a new buff-in again and let it work.

Now go to your work pc and copy the buff-in from your floppy to the directory where you installed the COW (distributor). Start your COW and see; is has buff-in so it’ll work.

After you have completed say 50 packets copy the buff-out.rc5 from your work pc to the floppy and delete the old one in the COW directory at your work address. Now this buff-out is empty and you can let it work again.

Now go to your home pc and let your COW flush it’s work. Delete the buff-out (AFTER FLUSHING!!!) and then copy the buff-out from your floppy to the directory where you installed the COW. Now let it flush again…

Done. It takes some work, but after you’ve done it once it will only go faster the second time :wink:

For more info visit the RC5Forum:


Redneck and Badtobone will help you.



From what i can make up of your post i can say that it does support that option

msg me on ICQ (31354824) once and i will try to guide you with it



I shouldn’t be any problem to get by your firewall. The client support various protocols to communicate.

The following is from the Distributed.net client v2.8007.458b (2000-02-13)

  1. Buffer and Buffer Update Options

  2. Keyserverclient connectivity options

  3. Firewall/proxy protocol == ???

In this menu you can set which protocol you want to use. Usually you can set it to HTTP (depends on the firewall/proxy). All it takes is an IP and a portnumber (the portnumber is usually 80 or 8080 in standardconfigurations).

Otherwise you can have a look at Socks4/5, most proxy/firewalls support them (the might have closed those ports!).

I haven’t seen a proxy or firewall the cow client couldn’t penetrate.


that’s terrific, but as you can see on the RC5 chat, I found a way to connect to distributed.net, but now I get a “failed to assert handshake integrity” error. Got any sollution for that?

If so, join our conversation at http://www.cdfreaks.com/ubb/ubb/Forum17/HTML/000039.html