CoverXP 1.35 beta

I just posted the article CoverXP 1.35 beta.

Not really meant to BURN software (unless you got a LASERprinter of course ). This is a cover-making program. Actually it is THE cover-making program. AND above all, it’s FREEware (well, it’s…

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PFFF i’ve came once in contact with CDR-LABEL… Don’t wanna use anything else !!!

ht tp://w u know what to do to :wink: get the ****

For gfx covers: PhotoShop. Perioid.

Tart 'em up in Photoshop - print 'em with Surething and f*ck adware!

have to agree withi inssane, cdr label totally rules. and oh, try or some other search engine for the 5.0 Beta, which has cddb feature inbuild. totally awsome.

use coreldraw, it’s great

The program is nice for just doing what it does… Printing covers… Thanks for pointing this out CDFreaks, of course ppl will stick with what they like best…