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Submitted by: Igua

CoverUniverse has added 375 audio, 2 pc game, 3 playstation and 6 warez cd’s cd-covers. Most of the new ones are pretty wanted, like…

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has anyone prepared a crack for fifa 2000 yet?

Don’t crack just, copy with CLONE CD!!!

U mean fifa 2001 right? I got a cracked FiFA 2000 from over a year ago. FiFA 2001 really ROCKS. ever saw it on PS2? You really see the player’s chest move when they’re breathing, they have different facial expressions when they’re tired or amazed, they move REALLY realistic. All is Human Motioned. And most of all: Or own Dutch Edgar Davids is on the cover.

CoverUniverse scripting rules! Nice job, Igua.

Why the groups that release isos don’t scan the covers and zip all together?

I love this page … its great … with out it my copies would look like copies …

“Don’t crack just, copy with CLONE CD!!!”

It’s people like you I hate…

althou you and me can copy with clone cd, some ppl are not so fortunate and their writer most likely doesn’t support clonecd, so they search for OTHER solutions, he asks a questions, answer usefull or shutup… he isn’t helped by your comment eh, llama

Are there special settings for
FIFA 2001 in clonecd .
If so wil anyone tell me.