CoverUniverse up and running

I just posted the article CoverUniverse up and running.

Submitted by: Igua

CoverUniverse is fully up and running again. The site and covers are hosted on a high speed connection, so no more speed problems…

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Great work Igua!
Now hope your site gets bigger than it was before!

Great to have you back fully operational!!

Yeah, good luck again Igua, hope it will get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger…yoiu know what I mean. And only quality covers, not that shit from Coverarchive and CD Cover Central…






This is the only LG I’ve had and it is the worst burner I’ve ever owned. :frowning: It destroys DVD+RW media: I have new discs that are supposed to be good for 1000 re-writes but after 10 burns or less I started getting a message like, “this disc is nearing the end of its useful life.” I have never seen this before in all my years of burning discs, and it does not happen when I burn these same discs in my BenQ. Also, I find that other drives have trouble reading DVD+R’s that were burned with this LG. I replaced it with a Sony-NEC-Optiarc AD-7173A that seems to be much better. I will be very reluctant to ever get another LG.
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