CoverUniverse adds 1318 cd-covers



I just posted the article CoverUniverse adds 1318 cd-covers.

Submitted by: Phoz

CoverUniverse has added 1242 Audio, 3 Pc App, 9 Pc Game, 4 Video Cd and 20 Warez Cd cd-covers. To see which cd-covers are new check the…

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More ! more ! more !More ! more ! more !More ! more ! more !More ! more ! more !


Very cewl, but they don’t have the covers of Mixmania 9…
Any1 ??? thanx !!!


dutch only

sorry maar dit is toch geen nieuws Igua (Phoz) update zijn pagina bijna dagelijks.
Uitstekend werk trouwens. Ik denk dat er veel boeiender nieuws is dan dit. In ieder geval Phoz doe zo verder.


You (or they) better learn to count:

1242 + 3 + 9 + 4 + 20 = 1278 instead of 1318


Phoz :wink:


printing a cover costs almost more than burning a cd these days so why bother ?


Yeah but whre can i get the cover for the new sydney 2k