Could someone give me detail instrutions on how to convert a PAL DVD to NTSC? The specification from the VSO Web Site say that the ConvertXtoDVD software will perform this convsersion, but I can not find any instructions on how to.

Load your video in CxD, set TV format to “Force NTSC” and hit convert.

I loaded the DVD into the DVD drive, then selected all of the files, but when I selected the convert action the log said the consersion fail after only a few seconds. I have also tried ripping the files to my hard drive then trying the same evolution, but I got the same conversion failure results. Do you have any suggestions?

I am having this same problem. Anybody successfully convert PAL to NTSC lately?
Thank you.


Can you both please post log files, that way we can give more precise suggestions

log files found here: C:\Documents and Settings’your name’\Application Data\Vso

Log files seemed to indicate that the ouput should be NTSC. But my player would reject it as wrong format. I finally did get a NTSC coversion as described and of course it was somekind of magic, as I only repeated the normal steps one does on a windows machine, rebooting, restarting application, etc.
Thanks for the forum.

Tom Lawell