Coverting Video

Like Dblman I want to convert MP4 to Mpeg (or like) but to make a movie with Windows Movie Maker, which does not accept MP4. What do I do?

Use MediaInfo to check what video codec your mp4 file uses. If it uses DivX/Xvid (Mpeg 4 Video) then you can repackage it in an avi file that Windows Movie Maker will recognise (use AVIDemux and select copy for video and audio streams).

Otherwise convert it to DVD compliant video using ConvertX, AVS2DVD or DVDFlick. Or convert it to DivX using AutoGK, Handbrake, AVIDemux etc.

All tools can be found via google or



Midders. Thanks a lot. You blind me with science - but I’ll try what you suggest. Maybe ConvertX sounds the easiest. Here I go ! PakJon

Midders. I’ve converted my MP4 video clips to various formats with ConvertX, Flash Video and Quicktime, and W.Moviemaker will have none of them. I’ve tried to contact Sanyo to say I have bought a pup, but they want $19 to speak to me !!! m PakJon

What did MediaInfo say about your mp4 file(s)? Post the output (use copy and paste from the text view).

According to M$ WMM supports videos of type mpg, avi, wmv and asf but not necessarily all the codecs that are supported by these containers. For maximum compatibility either convert to DivX in an avi file or DVD compliant video in an mpg file. In either case you will need the right codec installed on your system for WMM to read the file.

@ OP, do you absolutely have to use WMM?..You could import the mp4 in Avidemux(as suggested) and do simple editing and create your video clip/movie…AFAIC, WMM is too buggy of an app anyway…

Thank you tOnee i. Will try to download Avidemux. Pak Jon

I have Windows Movie Maker but I don’t use it much.
I tried importing a .mp4 & got the You don’t have the correct codec warning.
ffdshow might be the fix for WMM.I don’t have it installed at this time.
For converting the .mp4 DVDFlick will convert .mp4s to dvd complient format.
Format Factory will convert to mpg.
The last two are a lot easier than getting WMM to do it.