Coverting Question

Hi, I have a friend that gave me a dvd of a family wedding that he wants converted, the wedding was in Italy and he told me that his dvd wont play it, so the first thing that came to mind is that it was copied in PAL format and it needed to be converted to NTSC. I cant get any of my software to be able to see what is on the disk, I am using VLC media player, nero vision express, and other software, plus when I look under the properties on the “E” drive I get “0kb used, 0kb free” and there is no discoloration on the disk as if it was burned. I am thinking that whoever burned or attempted to burn this disk either burned it wrong or didn’t do it at all. Any ideas?

Did you try it on a PAL player? Did you look to see if the disc is appendable?

have you tried to use AnyDVD from SlySoft? does that do the trick (i never bothered to try)

Did you try finalizing the disc? Try these: