Coverting/burning to DVD

Hi there - my name is Joy and I am such a newbie that i couldn’t even figure out how to introduce myself. sigh. But that’s not my dilema. I am at the end of my rope trying to figure out how to convert a downloaded movie to dvd format to play on my DVD player; out of 9 attempts only one has been successful. Can someone please guide - step by step for dummies - on how to achieve success. I have been downloading various formats - such as DVDSCR.Xvid and DVDrips and using either AVS4You or DVDFlick to convert and burn the DVDs. I tried reordering my VIDEO_TS directory to IFO/VOB/BUP . . . but even that didn’t work. I am about to scream. Please help. And thank you soooooooooooo much, in advance! - Joy

Here at cdfreaks we do not discuss copyright protected materials that are downloaded without permission of the copyright holders. You don’t mention specific movies, but DVDSCR refers to copies of screener films that are illegally copied and released by warez groups before the official dvds come out. This is enough for me to close this thread.

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