Coverting A Dvd Mp3 To Cds

I have purchased a dvd in mp3 format. These are all 7 Harry Potter books on audio. I would like to covert these to cds, so that they can they can be played on my mp3 player (which is cd formatted). Anyway, I’m a senior citizen and need very simple directions. I’ve read many posts and the word usage is all new to me. I thank anyone that can direct me in the right direction. I do have the program Copy to DVD. :confused:

The DVD is what formt really?

DVD-Audio, Audio-DVD, SACD???

Hi Chef, this dvd is currently in route from England. As far as I know it is DVD-Audio.thanks

I never had any luck ripping or converting DVD’s in route. For me they seem to work better when they arrive! You could try AudioDVD Ripper,it rips most Audio DVD’s, I don’t know if it will work on a DVD in route :slight_smile: