Covert Napster clone to arrive for X-mas

I just posted the article Covert Napster clone to arrive for X-mas.


By Christmas, computer engineers hope to launch a program that could confound those trying to sue the likes of Napster by providing complete anonymity for online music…

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Looks and sounds tremendously great! Hope it will be there sooner then Christmas so that everyone will have a nice and pleasant Christmas full of beautiful songs :wink:

Greetz Broelie

Sounds(!) cool…

Just hope it won’t slow down as much as Gnutella…otherwise it could become the new NAPSTER

The music is great but not the what it is really about. The ability to interconnect without going through a server or hub is the doorway to a new tech world

Personally I don’t think Gnutella has much of a future. It’s slowing down more and more. Personaly I believe more in the Fasttrack network, and gIFT. But the only client currently supporting gIFT, called The Qube, sux bigtime. Blue screens of death all the time. But when this prog is finished, i’ll surely try it out.