Covert DVD


I’m looking for software that can convert a DVD from PAL to NTSC.

Thank you

Try SUPER or if you have it, Procoder. Or easier still, ensure your hardware (player and TV) has dual format capabilities.


try cucusoft pro it alowws to to choose between ntsc & pal …

I’m gunna disagree with you zaccanti - cucusoft make junk and continually spam forums. Steer clear of it and IMHO, Xilisoft/ImToo, too.


HCEnc can encode either NTSC or PAL. You can probably use DVD Rebuilder as a front end for it or find a command line guide for it.

Does it keep dvd menu, language and extra? Cause I’m looking for a solution with that.

I had a way with numenu and sonic scenarist but numenu is no longer updated.

try dvdremake pro… i think it has capabilities what u’ve lookin for :slight_smile: