Covert avi and mpeg4 to DVD

Hello all,

I’m new to this so I apologize if you’ve seen this before. I want to covert avi and mpeg4 movies to DVD. What is the best software?

In addition, I would like to burn copies of my son’s DVD’s to use in my truck. Whay is the best software to copy DVD’s?

Thanks is advance for your help. :slight_smile:

If you want an all-in-one solution for converting to dvd’s with editing and authoring capabilities, look at Ulead VideoStudio 10.

Some people prefer separate mpeg encoders and authoring tools, like TMPGenc Plus 2.5 and TMPGenc Author, to name a couple of examples. DVDLab Pro is another good authoring tool, though not cheap at $250 or so nowadays (plus what you’d pay for an encoder).

None of those are the “best” software for this purpose, but they are good workable solutions for a home user. Professional software gets a bit pricey. If you want to look at them, google Avid, Sony Vegas, Sonic Scenarist, Cinema Craft Encoder, Canopus, Adobe Encore DVD—the list can go on a ways.

To copy dvds, I’d recommend either RipIt4Me or AnyDVD. RitpIt4Me is a free program that can decrypt, rip and reduce the size of your dvds to fit onto a regular dvdr. It is updated fairly frequently and can handle most any of the newer protection schemes that have been added to dvds in the last couple of years. Go to the forums for RipIt4Me to learn a bit about its use.

AnyDVD is a commercial program that runs in the background and decrypts the dvd on the fly. You can use the built in ripper, or another one like DVDShrink to get it onto the hard drive. It is updated constantly, and even has the ability to decrypt HD-DVD and Blueray if you want to pay for the premium version of the program.

Kerry’s covered nearly everything well.

My personal Kit includes:
Avi2DVD,(for AVI->DVD conversion) with imgburn. Both are freeware.
(Imgburn I donated a few $ for anyway because it’s a nifty little utility).
Ripit4me with DVDShrink3.2 & DVDDecryptor for DVD->HD (all freeware).

Are there any less expensive software to convert avi and /mpeg4 files to DVD or mpeg files I can later copy to DVD?

What is ISO?


I just downloaded avi2dvd. Don’t know how to use. Can’t find a guide. Can I use Nero to burn once I convert or is there a better Burn software?

See above.

International Standards Organisation.
The ISO format is just the generic name for a complete disc image complying with the ISO’s standard specifications.
There are also application specific disc image formats like nero’s .nrg, blindsuites .bwa/bwi and .img and so on and so forth.

Every decent burning program can burn/work with an ISO file. Not necessarily the case with other disc image formats.

Here is a guide for avi2dvd, though not a great one on close examination.

You can use ImgBurn to burn your videos. It is a free program, and debro has already mentioned it. You need to look in the forum at the ImgBurn site to find some guides on its use.
Nero will also work just fine. Select dvd-video when you want to burn dvd movie files (Video_TS folder) to disk.

Let me just fire it up … it’s been awhile :wink:

  1. Install it (and avisynth which comes with it)
  2. Fire it up

Load Avi (on the left) & choose your avi/wmv file
It will automaticcaly choose an audio stream.
If you have multiple audio streams, slect the one you want.
Select the DVD mode, and the correct Aspect ratio (ratio of Width to Height)

Step 2
Select the Output tab
Select DVD/Svcd, Select 4.7GB disc size.
The output file will automatically go to where you loaded it from, in the Avi2DVD_Temp folder.
You can either package it up with “MAKE ISO” or leave it as VOB’s and ifo’s & etc. iso can be written very quickly/easily with any programs.
If it’s on a cd/DVD/Network or other unwritable location, or you want to put it somewhere else, like D:/DVDTEMP, you can change it.
Chapters every 5 minutes should be okay.

If it’s NTSC, you can convert it to pal, or vice versa. generally leave it.

Step3 Encoders
You can leave this as Quenc default settings if you want, or if you want best quality, can change to something else with multiple passes.

Step 4 Subtitles
Only useful, if you have subtitles.

Click Add Job.
Press GO!

You guys are great thanks.

VSO, the company that created Avi2DVD has a new software called ConvertXtoDVD. It’s not free, but definitely afordable and very good. You can find a lot of info here and even try if for free before buying. I’ve used it for some time with excelent results, converting .avi to DVD, adding subtitles files, etc. Worth trying.