Covert 3 .avi movies on 1 DVD

Hello, I have 3 .AVI files ~750mb each and I want to put them all on one DVD. I use ConvertXtoDvd program ver. and can burn 1 movie and watch it on my tv with easy but cannot put multiple movies on 1 dvd and watch on TV with a menu. The 3 movies are are like one long movie .

hope this makes sense.:flower:


if you have alot of .avi files in general… in my opinion you would be better off investing in a device that can play DivX files.

that does not really answer your question but i thought i would mention it.

so if this dont sound like it’s for you then ill let someone else answer your question properly :wink:

p.s. i personally prefer the XBox 1 console running XBMC for that as it works great and you can even stream video from the pc to the xbox and store video files to it’s hard drive and even play them from a dvd recordable disc (i.e. fits 3-6 movies per dvd for the most part)

I would imagine that somewhere in the settings is the option of whether to create a menu and a button for each title. I don’t use convertx so I don’t know for sure. I know that both DVDFlick and AVStoDVD will create a menu with a button for each title no problem.

ConvertXToDvd does have that capability.

there is a new freeware on sourceforge called [B]DVDStyler[/B]
Use its “file explorer” and drag the 3 AVI onto the “project window”. That will give you 3 titles on the DVD. SHIFT + Drag gives you 3 chapters.
Program handles converting content to DVD format, etc

There is some customization features, such as Menu style, Chapter splitting (auto every 5, 10 etc mins or enter the times manually)

It’s somewhat basic, but gets the job done if you have a movie in AVI, WMV etc … and want to make it a DVD to watch on a TV