Cover maxxx 4



Hi can someone add the covers of maxxx to his cover search site.....
everybody is looking for it....

And if someone has the covers of maxxx 4
please send it to me thanks.......


Yo I have scanned the front and rear covers of my Maxx 4 in 600 DPI, but I warn You that the covers are originally made VERY UGLY and in black & gold (and of course, the results of scanning is in black & white
Hovewer, if You want the covers, tell me Your mail and I can send You them in .JPG format.



Minamoto Kobayashi
great i need the covers of maxxx3 and maxxx4
can you mail them


the covers of all the maxxx cd’s are on
hexagon ( )



And you can find alot of warez covers at

If you looking for covers for Warez CD’s go there and get it for free …