Cover Designer: "Text Box tool" in Nero doesn't work

I just found that v2.2.1.11 of Nero’s Cover Designer has a really rotten bug: Whenever you edit any Text Box, its font reverts to 24pt Times New Roman!

This version of Cover Designer is included with Nero (which is evidently the very last version published before the switch to 6.x). I didn’t encounter this bug in, or – although those earlier versions did exhibit many smaller deficiencies in the Cover Designer’s “Text Box tool.”

I have three questions:
• Does anyone know which version of Nero this awful bug first appeared in?
• Can I install (“downgrade”) an older version of Nero over a newer one?
• Can I install (“downgrade”) an older version of just the Cover Designer over a newer one?

The worst problem in older versions of Cover Designer was that CG Times seemed to be the only variable-width font that was fully useable when other fonts were present in the same Text Box. I found that 16 of my fonts couldn’t even be displayed correctly, while 27 of my fonts (including Times New Roman, the default font!) were displayed correctly, but not printed correctly. Only 3 of my fonts were displayed correctly AND printed correctly: CG Times, Calisto MT (but only if NOT Bold or Italic), and Tahoma (but only if you kept it simple – no other fonts present).

[Edited to correct Nero version number from to]

P.S. – I’ve submitted a “Support form” to Ahead, but previous experience makes me unconfident about getting an answer.


I wish I could change the version number in the title from to, but I don’t have permission to delete the first post (and thus the thread) and start over.

Doen’t anybody use the Cover Designer’s Text Box tool?


Come on, somebody must’ve noticed this bug in the Cover Designer’s Text Box tool…

That is the default setting, open the program and select from the
menu Object>Default Properties>Font tab. In the Font folder
you can change the font, font style and size of your font and click on o.k…

Thanks for helping, Instigator, but your advice doesn’t really solve the problem with the Cover Designer’s Text Box.

You’re right, I did need help finding where to set the default font and size for the Text Box object.

(Interestingly, following your advice led to finding yet another in the huge array of Cover Designer bugs: The font STYLE – one or more of Bold, Italic, Strikeout and Underline – is remembered only by the ‘Default Properties’ dialog box; you can set these various styles, but they’re never applied, either to new or existing Text Box objects.)

There’s a larger problem, though, that I don’t think ANY advice about how to use the program can solve: Once you’ve set a default font and size for the Text Box object (forget about style), it applies to ALL Text Boxes. And (as I indicated in my first post) whenever you edit any Text Box, its font reverts to that default font and size (and to the Normal style).
• If you want to keep the text in the font that you assigned to it previously, you have to re-choose the font every time you edit the text, unless it happens to be in the default font.
• If you want to make the text a little smaller or larger, you have to guess what the original size was, because the text always reverts to the default size.

Compounding the difficulty of using this mulish object is the fact that the text shown in the ‘Properties’ dialog box doesn’t always resemble the text that will be displayed (and printed) on the cover image.

All this is just to say (again) that I need to know when this bug crept in, because the bug renders the current version of the Cover Designer close to useless (to me, at least).