Cover Designer: Removing unwanted elements in template

Using Nero Cover Designer

I never print DVD cases, so I’d like to create a template that contains just two disk labels.

I can’t figure out how to build a template from scratch (i.e., adding just two disk elements to a blank template). I also can’t figure out how to delete the unwanted jewel-case elements from existing templates.

Can anybody help?

Sure. When you go to print click on the “Elements” tab. You can then check the parts you wish to print out like this:

And if you want more discs at the beginging just set that at the very start like this:

Hope this helps,
Ben :slight_smile:


Thanks for the prompt reply.

I know how to deselect unwanted elements at print time, too, but I occassionally forget to do it–which wastes a label by printing elements that I didn’t want in the first place. For that reason, I’d like to create templates comprising only one or two disks but no case-insert elements.

I’ve started to think that the functionality to build a template from scratch is not there. But it seems like such a necessary…