Cover Designer Problem

thought maybe might fix it but have had same problem for a cpl of ver. now clicking on file on the menu no longer works but edit,view, etc. work as they should.

Hi …

I think this is a problem with corrupt or missing entries in your install. I use Cover designer almost every day, and since Nero 5, has worked fine for me (allowing the odd glitch, of course!)
If possible, next time you update or install, I would clean out everything (using the Nero clean-up tool) reboot and reload. I also make sure that my Temp folder is empty when I do a big install (lots of files) like Nero.
Cheers …


I’ve done this. what it reminds me of is a problem simular to the one a while back when you would click on file menu in nero burning rom it would crash the program if you had remember previously used file names unchecked in tweak ui. I can go back a cpl versions of nero 6 and not have this problem. although I can still use the program it is more of an annoyance than anything