Cover/Case Art

Not sure where else to post this.
Are there any good sites to download the case cover art from? Found many with just pics of the face art but not the whole sleeve, others with ‘alternate covers’ but none with original cover sleeves in a printable (200dpi or better) resolution.

Scanner is no help when all the cover says is "2 day rental’ :slight_smile:

Greg Moore

check out you`ll be surprised!!!1

I did find them since posting, excellent selection. Only propblem is they are smaller files and my printer doesn’t allow using full photo quality and glossy paper below 200dpi…

I think with some work, the jpg’s from there can be enlarged, but a 4 meg file and their 200k files won’t match in quality when printed.


Greg Moore

You could try:

i have found bestcovers uk to have the highest quality covers although their selection is not as large as some others. You can find them at

You can also search from multiple sources by using programs such as Create CoverSearch, a tool to download covers automatically