Court slaps retroactive fees on CD burners



I just posted the article Court slaps retroactive fees on CD burners.

MegaDevill used our newssubmit to tell us that HP has to pay intellectual-property fees on CD burners retroactively for three years. A German court has decided this on Thursday. Of course HP is going…

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This just means(if they lose) that we all can make as many legalk copy’s of any CD we like. :wink:


Offcourse you can make a backup if you want that, as long as it stays as your own property and you own the original of it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Talk about f**king controlling governments :frowning: with there sticky bureaucratic fingers taxing everything, trying to control our lives and tells us how to brush out teeth :4


Actually you can’t make backup copies of all software. If you read the license agreement closely you will see that some software states that you cannot make personal backup copies. So if your software states in it’s license agreement that you can’t make backup copies & you click that little radio button saying you agree to the terms of the license agreement then you are legally liable if you make a backup copy.


I am wondering the following: If I buy a HP drive I must pay extra for copyright. Does this mean I can (for example) burn mp3 files on a CD legally. I mean I already paid copyright so why not…


nt only does thay mean you could produce any CD’s, also means you could legally SELL the burned software as well


i already own a HP burner. i will start my own discographic business. time to make some money… :4