Court sides with gamemaker over developed add-on



I just posted the article Court sides with gamemaker over developed add-on.

sidz used our news submit to tell us that three men have
been found guilty of bypassing anti-piracy controls by developing their own
software to play Blizzard’s games online. The…

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Blizzard has turned into the Microsoft of the game business. The bnetd guys were a solid group of people, this is very sad; this case seems to be never ending. If you have some extra $ send it over the EFF.ORG


This is just another ruling in a trend. I think we’re treading into some bad times.


You can only flog a dog for so long before it turns and bites you. I think software developers have lost sight of just who is buying their goods. There is no moving forward or innovation in a closed market. An entrepeneur would have offered them a job or at least offered to buy the program…BUT I keep forgetting, “GREED IS GOOD”…:X


when i watched so called cult classic sci-fi anime series, i thought they were crazy to think that future world would be ruled by big businesses; however, they would be right. “this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” a. lincoln i really hope that lincoln is right about my country, but money does really matter in us :d


Build a better mouse and someone will go after you with more than a mousetrap. :B


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