Court showdown for Napster today!

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) '” Napster Inc., the small company that has used the Internet and digital technology to revolutionize music…

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How will they be able to stop Napster? People already have the program so they can continue to use it…

The program uses a central server

This is so stupid!, anyways, there will always be another appz like napster (cute mx)…I`ll miss napster

In case anyone is interested, the court has issued a restraining order to Napster to stop its services by Friday… They will appeal of course…

And what about if we use Napigator?I think is gonna work…

It’s official,

Napster is going down on saturday unless they win in a higher court in US ( before saturday ?? unlikely )

Whats next, Cant use (m)IRC anymore due to the fact that you can trade files. All emails will be removed of and attachments, Illegal to own a floppy disk.

These guys are going stupid.

P.S. Napster rules

I vote for a ban on buying “legal” CD’s untill Napster is back online.

They must know sales are up cause of Napster, not down.

And if you guys follow up, we’ll hit them where it really hurts. Right in the wallet.

hmmm this seems not very stable in court, I mean what about the OpenNap network and so? everybody can set up their own server already, by removing the Napster servers there will only be less but there still will be others