Court says neutral party must examine hard drive in file-sharing case

It has been a busy couple of months in the world of music file-sharing litigation. The latest comes to us courtesy of Sony BMG, which is the lead plaintiff in the case of Sony BMG et al v. Arellanes. Sony was dealt a setback by the court yesterday, as Judge Richard Schell ruled that the defendant’s hard drive can only be examined by a neutral forensics expert, not the RIAA’s own experts.


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that’s right. But I thought it was always supposed to be a third party, or at least a combined party of both plaintiff and defense members.

If people used things like Eraser then there’d be no reason to worry. I’d like to see an expert recover files from a 7-pass erase procedure.

Eraser!?!?! Pfttt how about a hammer. Really if some company said they needed my hard drive if they were sueing me, and they didnt have a warrent. Hammer meet hard drive. I whould also like to see them recover files from a 7-pass erase. That whould be insane. But I doubt they could.

[B]Id33k[/B] do you use the hammer meet hard drive before the 7-pass erase or after? Some tutorials would be nice just in case some one needs to erase there HD :slight_smile:

Hopefully it won’t come to that.