Coupond Codes

Is there a website where all the coupon/discount codes are posted for online reseller? I’m looking for some code so i can order some media from Rima, Meritline, mediasuperstore etc…


Shop4tech usually has a universal code. Try the following code for 10% off: CS10. Also supermediastore has coupon codes listed for select media items on their sites. Meritline and Rima don’t usually have any coupon codes.

CS10 no longer works for Shoop4tech. i guess $.30 for a printable TY media ain’t a bad deal. thanks


Current code = [B]AB10[/B]

Expires 08/10/2006-eh!

Also - Free Shipping for all DVD/CD media

Thanks for the update bigmike. The CS10 code has been valid for so long that I just got in the habit of using it.

Crap, looks like the codes are all expired. Anyone know what the current one is?


try PS10

Thanks much. Need to pass the info on to some other folks.

That’s the most current one, how did you get that so soon I just got an email :slight_smile:

Maybe he works for them.

ahhh inside connection…

Bought there many times.

I dunno, I was just guessing. Either way I’m glad to see that we have people on top of such things.


[B]B2S10[/B] is the current 10% off code-

Not the small ‘s’ as shown above-eh!

Good 08/14 to 08/24/2006

B2S10 also is working.

[B]CDFREAKS is not a valid coupon code AS OF 6/27/2006, I tried it, says INVALID CODE[/B] :sad:

Nope,email notice

[B]I meant invalid as of August 27 th 2006 Today, Great program that anydvd![/B] :cool:

Latest code for shop4tech is “LD15” for 15% off. Expires Sept 5th