Coupon invalid, expired or already redeemed



Is the $10 discount deal over? :sad: I am in my 4th day of the 21 day free trial for CloneDVD2. I went online to purchase and the statement above appeared next to the box (which turned red) where I typed cdfreaks. :a What’s up?? :confused:


It was only for a few days. You might try “afterdawn” but I think their coupon is over as well.


Bummer! I just went there to order as well. I wish they had put an expiration date with it.


What prompted the coupon??? ie new version? new partnership? generosity?

How frequently are these coupons released???

I am considering purchasing all 3 software titles available from slysoft and the coupon was helping me to justify that decision.

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance



Maybe the weather? :slight_smile:
Summer is always bad for sales…

AFAIK this was the first time.

You can try the cdfreaks coupon, maybe it is still working.


Hi :slight_smile:
See here
So should still work
Try again making sure no errors in details & enter cdfreaks in box coupon / promotion code

Just a thought have you got AnyDVD or CloneCD & if so did you claim discount then