Coupon for Slysoft

Did not see this posted but a good deal for all who do not have this.

Happy Birthday SlySoft!

Giancarlo Bettini
CEO SlySoft Inc. In July 2003 SlySoft went on-line with AnyDVD and since these days we have become the market leader in software for copying protected movie DVDs. As a special promotion for our 3rd anniversary I’d like to offer you a special “Birthday Coupon”.
Depending on whether you choose to buy, a single license, a double, triple bundle or the full package, this coupon has a value of $5 up to $20. To redeem the coupon just enter the
coupon code: birthday
in the coupon box at the bottom of the check-out form. Please note that this coupon is only valid until July, 31st 2006!

Giancarlo Bettini

Thanks for the heads up.