Coupon Codes



This thread is about - If you like hunting for bargains, this site is worth looking at.

I was ordering bulk ink from and noticed they had a box to enter a coupon code. So, I thought I’d see if one of my favorite bargain hunting sites had a coupon code for them. They sure did and it saved me $2.95 at checkout time.

Retailmenot is an interesting site that requires some searching as some of the coupons have expired or have a lower probability of success (based on shoppers’ experience).

A few retailers have asked that they not post coupon codes and this message is displayed (“Sorry for the inconvenience but this merchant has specifically requested to have all user contributed coupons removed from the RetailMeNot system”.)


Yes, I have used retailmenot on several occasions since they seem to be the most comprehensive site for coupon codes. Saved me a few $ on my honeymoon and Christmas shopping this year.