Coupon code for



does anyone have such a code for me plz?

you will have my eternal gratitude :wink:


Are you serious with that? :wink:


yes, you really will have my eternal gratitude :smiley:


im not really from the UK so i wouldnt really know where to look for such a coupon code… :confused:


I don’t think there’s any offer on at the moment that requires a coupon code.


just bought 100 cakebox TY 1 hour ago, and couldn’t find a coupon code


ok thx

i just ordered without a coupon code…


does anyone have such a code for me plz?
Just register with them - they’ll send you details of offers, inlcuding coupon codes etc.

I have had four in the last month, but they expire pretty quick.


^Agree easy done got coupon last week for mum’s day expired now though.


You can register and if you mail Steve and say you’re from cdfreaks you may get a small discount if you say please :wink: Also they have a 5% discount code on all dvdr (check newsletter) until tomorrow sometime :slight_smile:


I’m registered (I’m pretty sure I had to register to buy the stuff I wanted the other day). That’s handy. :slight_smile:

Edit: I certainly am registered. :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
I thought I was, but it turns out [U]I’m just certified[/U]. :bigsmile:
BTW perhaps you need to subscribe to this.


they are helpful, i’ve just ordered the wrong TY’s :doh: and SVP has advised me to wait and RMA them back and to get the correct ones sent out, at no extra cost to me,

now that’s good service.


That sounds about right on both counts , you ordering the wrong ones :wink: & SVP correcting it for free.



And do you want to elaborate :slight_smile:


Just a poor joke on my part, I’m afraid. :o

However, that is the sort of service that one becomes to expect from SVP. Not many other companies would be so accommodating.

Any luck at Makro with the Verbs?


no, sorry, i never seen your reply about Makro, away to search for it.

never really bought from SVP before, but i’ve read good reports from there customers on here tho.


Verbatim 8x +R in spindles of 25. Made in Japan they are TY T02. Price was £5.99 + VAT. It was last weeks offer, not sure if it still applies. Works out at £7.04 which might be a little expensive but where else can you get these

i think i’ll may phone aberdeen first before makeing the journey, as the still i’m needing can wait a while. :smiley:


Certified…makes two of us :bigsmile:

LOL, could be the case (in the link)…I’ll have a look into that, and see what else they’ve gotta say on SVP’s site. :slight_smile:


For 99p delivery
[B]coupon code nofool[/B]


E-mail steve at svp and he will give you the Cdfreaks discount rate. Not much of a discount but it adds up if you order in bulk. Let him know who you are here though.