Coupon code for

Does anyone have a “Promotion Code” for If not, know where I can find one?


I have been buying from Newegg for years - and occasionally they will have a paypal promotion discount - but that is usually around the holidays-

Your best bet is to go to their site every day - preferably in the morning and look at their sales - especially the Daily “Shocker” which has some kickazz deals - subscribe to their emailings and again they come up with really good prices and usually free shipping-

Newegg has become a favorite shopping place with most American cdfreaks in the lower 48-

Suggestion - [B]ALWAYS[/B] double check their prices using google - I have found a number of items that Amazon beats them - sometimes by a wide margin-eh!!

You must be signed up for their newsletter to use the promo codes.

Mike must have been bored to find this old thread [ 23-12-2004 ]

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Me either- :o

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