Couple ? regarding burn speed and what dvd drives and firmware



hey guys i dont know where to post this so i thought here woudl be a good place to start.

long story short : my burn speed is 31 mins insted of 24 or less on the same disc media/speed configurations …

i usual backup my movies using clonedvd2 and anydvd2 (always updated)
and i have 2 pc. the older pc (xps gen 2 or gen 3)with less powerful specs hardware would burn movies fast and good but the hdd gave out and it has no os.

the newer pc (xps 720) i havnt used it until today i backed up my movie ps i love you R1 usa. the read speed was fine it said 18 mins (17:02) and finish 17:18 and the burn speed was estimated 12 mins i think (17:18) and finished 17:34 ( honestly i forgot sorry) and i was given a total of 31 mins

on a 7gb dual layer disc i usual have 24 mins total or less speed was 6x always and its set to ultra dma 2.

dvd reader i used TSSTCORP DVD±RW TS-H553A DE04 0718M

dvd burner ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16 G7V9

please help thanks…


[QUOTE=gus738;2082634]dvd burner ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16 G7V9 [/quote]Did you use the same burner in the older PC?


no on the older pc i used a sony DRU-530A. i cannot use this burner due to the way the xps 720 is designed ( it hits the drive door) .

also the other burner would work wonders in terms of speed but sometimes it would say like for example when i put a blank TY disc it would want to begain process of burning but it would be stuc doing nothing and i would have to force power it off.

any clue? again the Sony dru-530a was my reader and burner and was great!

edit: i bought a sony dru 190a very cheap in staples is it any good ( as good as my dru 530a or better then the current dvd burners/readers?