Couple questions about the 3500

First off, hello everyone. I’ve been researching DVDRWs for the past couple weeks, and I’m about to take the plunge and get my first one, and I must say, the 3500 pretty much seems like the way to go. I just had a couple questions about the drive that I haven’t turned up an answer for, so I thought I’d post and ask.

The first one is about - R dual layer. My understanding of the DL burning technology is that it required physical changes to the design of older models in order for it to be supported. But, what I was wondering, is if it’s hypothetically possible for a drive to be flashed to support - R DL if it is a dual format drive and already capable of + R DL. Nec seems really good about firmware updates, and certainly there are enough users out there modding their own, I was just curious if there’s any chance - R DL could be added through firmware in the future. This isn’t really a big deal for me, because I don’t really intend to burn alot of dual layer disks. I was just thinking that if I buy a drive I might as well get one capable of doing everything.

The second one is about NECs product cycle. I know absolutely nothing about NEC products, or the companys development cycle. This is basically a christmas gift from my parents, so I was just wondering if there were any talks of a new drive making an appearence in the next couple weeks. I know Pioneer supposedly had their A09 slated for this december, it being the first drive with - R DL. I was wondering if NEC has anything upcoming.



IMO - by the time that DL media becomes affordable (below $1) there will be several generations of burners-any way DL +R set to DVD-rom is probably the most universal format for compatibility with standalones-

That being said - I have two 3500’s that work excellent with good media - meaning Ritek 8x -r’s and Taiyo Yuden 8x in both - and + R’s

At a price point of $68 shipping included from - I don’t think that you are at a lot of exposure here - as 16x is the theoretical limit of DVD’s