Couple Of Yuden Question

Has there quality controll when packing slacked a bit ?? as last week i ordered 100 unbranded full face printables from svp. When they turned up after opening them i noticed that atleast half the disc’s had speckly scuff marks on them(best way for me to discribe) not all over the disc just on the outer edge of the dye side coming inwards about 1cm or so. So after sending them back and getting a replacement i find that there some discs in this spindle of 100 although this time it was only about 20 discs. I have kept them as 1. A third spindle could be the same 2. I need discs and 3. I’ll use them for test burns(i.e. checking something works) etc… as i have wasted discs in the past when checking and testing things.

2nd question.

I have noticed that these printables Total PI’s are alot higher than the Verb and Verb Pastel TYG02’s.

For example
Unbranded TY Printable
PI Max = 12, Avarage = 2.30, Total = 39356
PIF max = 2, Avarage = 0.00, Total = 49

PI Max = 6, Avarage = 0.53, Total = 9182
PIF Max = 2, Avarage = 0.00, Total = 46

Both these disc’s are more of less full discs. Now i know its the Max value’s that are the concern on disc quality( think thats correct) just find it strange that TY’s own discs have a high total PI than a disc thats branded by someone else. Was expecting the TY discs to be about the same. Or am i just being over critical here as batch’s very from one to the other, its just that as far as i recall all the verbs i burnt and that i have scanned have a total of under 10000.

Now i know its the Max value’s that are the concern on disc quality

Actually, no. There is no evidence that total counts really mean much of anything. But based on the numbers you posted, both the discs are excellent quality.

I have just ordered 100 (DV3148) TG001162 - should arrive Monday.
I have had trouble with batch TG001159 but never with TG001162.

Unfortunately I understand they are now shipping (DV3148) TG000041

What batch number is giving you your problem ?

This relates to your question, My printable Verb DL’s also give me ALOT higher error rates and a much higher jump in PIE’s between the layer than silver top
DL’s. coinsedence?

These are X8 discs. Batch number is GG000158, well i think thats the batch number.

I haven’t come across that one. At my age, trust me, the numbers are very difficult to read. Certainly the disks I buy are white printable (DV3148) and apart from one batch have been fine. I hope that that batch that arrive Monday are as good as before. will let you know

Relax JMY, I’d be thrilled with either of those burns. Discs can vary from disc to disc in the same batch never mind different brands, so 1 or 2 burns is not enough to draw any conclusions. They look great, be happy, people here tend to be a little scan crazy and worry about every little difference. If the burns are well within limits and play well on your players, don’t sweat the small stuff. :bigsmile:
Harrysmith: Does DVDinfopro generally show lower error rates than CD/DVDspeed? That’s as good a scan as I’ve ever seen.

Im always chilled :slight_smile:

Oh mine was -R not +R. More interest to know if anyone else has had these scuff marks on recent discs .

I get 1 or 2x100 TY/month from svp and never had a problem. Once the tub was broken in the bottom but discs were perfect as always :slight_smile:

I would say yes normally. I tend to prefer Kprobe

Usually though the results are pretty much the same – so long as I use a Liteon
or Plextor – I wouldn’t use any other drive for scanning.