Couple of Suggestions for nerolinux



Give it a transfer test ability at the least. CD/DVD Speed would be icing on the cake so I wouldnt have to reboot to Windoze just to scan my discs. Also the filesystem type. I want to burn a UDF only disc not a RockRidge or Joliet and I havent seen a way to do that yet I am using I still have to use k3b for that. The reason is for XBOX discs that are still readable on my computer. I can do it in Nero for Windows.


Thanks for your suggestions!

For burning a pure UDF disc, just drag-n-drop the UDF data track in the track editor. You will find it in the ‘Filesystems’ node, just above the ‘Disc Drives’ one on the left part of the file explorer.


An ETA would be nice when burning … rather than (or aswell as) the current time taken. My guess is it’s fairly easy to implement.


Hummm… actually it is really not so easy to implement such a stuff. When you are burning, you basically just send your packets to the recorder… and wait.
As you probably know, when you burn a disc at high speeds (like 48x for example) the whole disc will not be burnt at this speed. So you have no stable way to get the ETA for a burn process.