Couple of questions for 2500A

Sorry not sure where to post this in here or newbie forum… Ok here goes… I ordered 2500A its on its way and i am just considering different media to use with it 4x primarilly… (Will flash with herries beta 5) . I know ritek is good but can someone post some exact codes (model #s) so i know which to buy. Also how do i find out if my drive is Primary? or Secondary? i know master or slave depends on the jumper settings… I believe primary /secondary have to do with IDE cable. The very top connecter on IDE is Primary right? For now its gonna be the only drive… however i also have 166S on the way which should i set which? I am gonna most likely set 166s as Primary master and 2500 as primary slave… (only have 1 ide cable/port) all others are SATA. its dell 8400. Which should i buy DVD+R or -R i know about making DVD+R into Rom via booktype settings but i think my DVD player plays -R… anyway any info would be great. Also what software should i use? Decryptor? Nero? DVD Shrink?

Thanks all for help

WOW . Media codes are all over the place at
ur correct regarding ur ide cable being primary at the end and its most likely 80conduct and u should have it hooked up to something and not left dangling open…dont ask why.
Where to put which drive when u get ur 166, it shouldnt matter. Obviously, you put the 166 on slave and if u have problems, reverse em… if u still have problems and BOTH wanna be primary(doubtful) then make a choice.

-R +R … buy what plays best for you.

Decryptor? Nero? DVD Shrink?.. again, they all work so go with what ur comfy with. I have been using the burning proggy that comes with dvdauthor, but it is set at max burn speed and it not adjustable, so I started using nero again , just to burn at 6x on some discs, but I almost always burn at 8x… just nice to have the option to choose and nero gives ya that.