Couple of q's bout CLONE DVD

  1. First of all, when I am reading A disc, it has a quality bar at the bottom. If I want a houndred precent quality is says something along the lines of DVD+R. Does this mean I can only record it to a DVD+R disc?
  2. When I am done reading, and I want to record, what do I do?
  3. Will the title menu still be the same meaning I can scroll up and down in it and choose different options?
  1. If you are refering to the +r /-r standard: Surely not. But it depends on your writer. Most writers should have no problem with +r or -r. Most DVDs are DVD9, i.e. they have to be compressed to fit on a DVD+R/-R. You may use a DL (i.e. a 8.5GB disc) or split the movie.

  2. I am not sure, whether I got the question correctly. If you are using the “Clone DVD” option you should be prompted to insert a disc into your writer automatically an the burn process will be started.

  3. Yes. Make sure you ticked the option tp preserve menus. If you decided to cut some things, selecting some menu items will just do nothing in the final disc.

thanks alot!,