Couple of problems with vso



Hello everyone

I am having some problems with the program convertxtodvd and wondered if anyone can tell me how to fix it if possible. When I start to convert I try to close my preview screen and the program freezes up and does not respond. The same thing happens when I try to minimize the screen. I then have to go to task manager and close the program and reopen and start over again. It works fine if I just leave my preview screen running or leave it maximized. I did not have this problem with the trial version. I have contacted vso and no response so far. They usually are very good at getting back to me.
Does anyone have any idea what is happening here?


In the ConvertX window, go to “Actions>Conversion Priority” and set it to either Below Normal or Lowest. Then start the conversion process. See if this changes anything.


Thanks for the reply

I tried your suggestion. Could not get conversion priority to highlight in actions tab. However did get there through settings tab. Set at lowest priority. Started conversion no problem. Then I minimized no problem. Great so far. I then enabled preview screen after restore and the program froze and did not respond. Problem half fixed by doing what you said.


Try updating DirectX - it needs to be at least 9.


Thanks for the reply
However if you will excuse my ignorance but what is directX?


See, there is also a download link on that page.


Thank you very much
I am downloading as we speak. Hope that fixes the problem.
We will see.


Well I am not having the problems at the moment so it looks like the remedy was good.
Thanks a lot