Couple of newbie questions



When I first tried to copy a dvd, I saw a graph in the top right corner. Now all I see is a sheep. Can someone explain this? Next question, what is clone dvd using as the ‘maximum’ burn speed? What is it based on?



If you are seeing a sheep, maybe your drive is “baaaaaddd”. Bad joke! :slight_smile:
Can’t tell you why you are seeing a sheep, but max speed, is whatever the drive you are burning it to can handle with the media in it. It will vary from drive to drive and media to media.


The box in the upper right corner can display animation or a presentation graph of the transcoding process. Double click on the sheep to get the graph back. You can also turn the animation off. For options right click on the sheep.


By the way, you can control the write speed with a drop down menu on the Output Method screen. It is in the middle of the page.