Couple of good deals? DVD+R and DVD-R
500 x Budget DVD+Rs £98.99 (probably + Delivery and VAT)
500 x Budget DVD-Rs £98.99 (probably + Delivery and VAT)

Hey Gristy Here Be Some “Great” Deals… I Be liking this! (Yes i meant to Say it that way.)

Here’s more…

And… Also------

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I Tried Putting them in one Box but i Don’t know how to Space Correctly yet! : (

hey, is ridata a good brand of media??? is it comparable to the tdk 4x +r???

Yep, you should be safe with Ridata, the brand’s by Ritek who generally make pretty good discs that work well with all the DVD Recorders I’ve ever owned…NEC, Lite-ON…

They also should work well with Plextor, Pioneer, LG, and probably Sony…

Well, I’ve had some good success with Ritek DVD+R media in my NEC ND-1100A and but as far as the DVD-R media I think it’s below average. It does not work in my NEC ND-2510A nor did it work in my BTC1008. I RMA’d my 50 disk set to Newegg for a full refund. Buyer beware!

Well as I’ve always maintained DVD-R is an inferior and less compatible format to DVD+R.