Couple of easy DVDFab Questions


I downloaded the trial of DVDFab Platinum and was very happy when it was working so easily than everything else I had tried in the past (why it is so hard just to find something that WORKS like its supposed to???)

Anyway, I successfully copied 5 DVDs with the Express and now when I try I get the error code 96, which I looked it up and it means “unknown compress error” so of course that does no one any good to troubleshoot,

but my questions are…

  1. Is the trial limited to 5 DVDs and thats why I’m getting the error now? Or are just some DVDs not going to work no matter what? (I guess I could try copying one that I already did, just to see if it works)


  1. Why does it have to go to my hard drive and THEN to the 4.7 GB DVD? Is there a way I can copy DVDs straight from disc to disc without having to touch the HDD?


All of the Fab trial versions are full working with no limitations except the 30 days.

Burning from media to media is very touchy. Sometimes the program needs room to work and cannot work on pressed discs.

Try the version 3.0 Beta 2