Couple of dumb "NEWBIE" questions

What the heck is a Patin Couffin engine? I do see it listed under my device manager. I have Nero, DVD Shrink, DVD-Xcopy Gold and Express installed. Is it part on one of those packages? Do I need it? If not, how do I remove it? I do not, and never had, Blind Write, or Alcohol installed.

I also have the ASPI layer installed with the Adaptec SCSI card. Would I have any advantage/problems if I install the Force 1.71 drivers? I am not having any problems that I know of, but would I see any improvements in burning with the Force drivers?

Thanks for any help!
OK, so that was more than a couple of questions. :bigsmile:

The Patin Couffin engine belongs to DVD X Copy. With the ASPI theres an old adage: If it aint broke, dont fix it. :wink: But upgrading drivers never hurts, Burning Apps generally use there own ASPI layer anyway.