Couple of bugs with Nero CDSpeed

I dont know if anyone else gets this but on my Toshiba 1912 DVD-ROM if you run the “scandisc” option from the menu it quits and doesnt run it.

It doesnt do this if I select another drive and run the scandisc option, so its a problem with this drive and scandisc.

Another problem:

If you run a few read tests on some DVD+r and plus+rw, and then save them in .dat format.

Now if you go to database and load the files it will only show the comparison for 1 drive and no matter how many times you click “add” they just wont show up. It doesnt do this all the time for all formats but mostly for the “+” media.

Is it me or does anyone else find these problems ?

ok, I found the problem with the Database.

It seems that you cant compare two drives if the disk types dont match… but if one drive is not compatible with the book type of “DVD +R” and u try to fix this with a “DVD-ROM” book type set - Nero CDSpeed wont let you compare.

Since you have a:

DVD+R vs DVD+R vs DVD-ROM book type.

Please can you fix this Eric ?