Couple a mp3-player car radio


I’m searching for a device that can couple a mp3-player to a connection of a CD changer of a car radio.
I don’t know of such devices exists.


I’d guess that all you need to do is check out both of our devices and ascertain what in/out sockets you have.

If your car set does not have and sockets or auxilliaries you might be stuck.

Places like Maplins (UK) have a myriad of cables etc.

A colleague of mine only has a cassette and not a CD player in his car. He was able to buy a cable which plugs one end into his portable CD player, and the other into an actual cassette. He then plays his CDs through his portable player.

It’s not that simpel. I would like to couple a mp3-player, wich has a USB port, to the serial port of my car radio. And I think it’s also not possible to buy a simpel usb to serial converter, because that the serial port and the usb port works with another protocol.

Has nobody an idea ? :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be helpful is we knew which CD Player you have… My car player has a USB port on the front and I haven’t seen any with a serial port…

It’s a blaupunkt and it hasn’t a usb port.

Getting one of those FM transmitters might be your only hope.

Thats nice…how about a model number?

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