Country Code Problem



My son recently returned from Iraq, where he purchased many DVD movies. Many of these will not play on my Sony DVD player due to country code restrictions. I am trying to backup them using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD (the latest versions). It makes a copy but they still will not play on my DVD player due to country restrictions, but will ply on my computer. Am I doing something wrong??? I thought that AnyDVD removed the country codes and allowed viewing on just about any DVD player.

Any help would be appreciated.


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it may be video standards thats causing this, ie; the US has NTSC and the UK has PAL, not sure of any others, if the disc’s were original and you were able to back them up anydvd will have done its job in you being able to copy it & making it a region free disc


Bj is right on the button here.

According to this handy site I found Iraq is SEACAM(H)


Thanks for the rapid response. From your description, I assume I’m out of luck viewing them here in the US.


You should still be able to view them but only on your PC


i’m sure you can buy dvd players in the US that play both formats, hopefully someone from there can recommend one.

in the UK the cheeper dvd players usally have a setting to change it, well mines has anyway.